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About Our Club

Thank you for taking time to learn a little more about our club.

We are a club of about 70 members and growing. We started in the year 2000 when the Boeing Hawks lost their airfield. So a few of us went out on our own to start a new club and find a location to fly.

After searching around, we found the old Hobart Landfill. On December 4, 2001 the Marlow Anderson R/C Airfield was officially opened. The flying and good times began and haven't stopped since.

Our club encourages all members to volunteer for community STEM projects, such as flying demonstrations, model exhibitions, and other community supported activities such as helping kids of all ages build AMA Cubs at the Maple Valley Kids Festival.

We also enocurage new technology thru Show and Tell presentations at club meetings and efforts to reduce and monitor model noise levels as required by our site user agreements. We work with King County and Seattle Parks Departments to provide a safe and controlled environment for flyers at our Field and Float Fly sites.

The club also encourages members that want to serve as club officers to volunteer for elected and appointed positions or participate in an activity where you enjoy the fun. Volunteers can make the club better with new ideas and fresh input to today's and tormorrow's challenges and opportunities.

We have many opportunities such as flight instructors, road maintenance, building maintenance, and technical presentations. All of the current club officers can use help with special events and every day tasks.

To encourage participation and make officer tasks easier, our Bylaws list major tasks for each position. These elected and appointed positions also provide opportunities for volunteers who wish to help with smaller or individual tasks necessary to keep the club running smoothly for all members.