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February 3, 2012 Show and Tell



Tom Richard's Albatross D3, made from heat formed 6 mm Depron. 10" prop.  Experimental scratch build needs more weight in nose (after one flight).  Ask Tom about other building techniques.




Russ Doll's F109B from Hobby King.  This $79 model is advertised as 100+ mph and Russ says it is FAST!  Motor turns 20,000 rpm at WOT.  ARF only requires adding the tail, battery (3 or 4 cell 850 mah), receiver, and hooking up linkages.




Shannon Newman's video camera and receiver with range of 1000' for only $29 at Nitro Planes.  Camera is powered by standard 9 volt battery.  Receiver is powered by 12 volt gel cell.  See more on YouTube by searching for OAGH.




Camera and 9-volt battery:





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