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Amazing R/C airplane electric flight demo

Loughead F1 Float RC Airplane  


Prop Wash Video

     Vertigo XL another electric flight demo

Extra 300 V2.0 Depron


"On the Edge" Pilot Dor Friedman flying his Edge 540T Amazing Flying!

RC Turbine Mig 29 hovering, flat spin, etc. amazing!

SKS Video

55% Pits Challenger

Huge B-29 with X-1 Launch


Team RC Pilot Videos

     Don Lowe Masters 2006 Electric

    Huge F-14 Tomcat turbine jet


Radio Carbon Art

    Turbine powered radio controlled jet

     Very Fast RC SimJet 2300


R/C C-130, 12 Foot Wingspan 

BME 37% Ultimate Biplane RC 


    Huge Radio Control C-130A (Hercules)


America West 747 scratch built

Somenzini Aircraft Yak 54 Aerobatics


     2006 Don Lowe Masters, Electric R/C from Germany


R/C Airplane Float Flying

50% Edge 540 flown by Bill Hempels


     Ace Seamaster .40 RC Seaplane on the Delaware River